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Micro Advocates Coop


by Lynn Wehrman, Co-founder and Technology Director of Micro Advocates Cooperative.

Most of us who take the path of individual entrepreneurship discover quickly that we don’t fit. 

Whether it’s because of programs and loans we don’t qualify for, the lack of recognition we receive from the traditional business environment or the day we wake up and realize that we are truly blazing our own business trail without assistance, it hits us.  While everyone thinks we’re a “small business” we know we’re not.  We are on our own in so many ways, landing our own clients, promoting our own social media pages and possibly, managing a small group of employees.

We may be on our own, but do we really have to be? 

History shows us that people who come together to support each other can make a real difference.  This difference can affect them as individuals and can change an entire culture. Thirty years ago, people living with disabilities had little recognized rights in the public and private sectors.  But when they came together, organized and asked for what they needed, things changes.  Legislation was sponsored (The Americans with Disabilities Act / 1991) and now the rights of people living with disabilities is represented with growing success both in the physical and digital infrastructure of our society, proving to be an inspiration and model to other countries around the world.

What if micro business owners stood together? How differently would our businesses and lives run? We believe very differently.  Standing together we can find strength, wisdom and the power to make a difference.  For each of us as individuals and as a group representing the fastest growing sector of the American economy.  

Is this a heroic vision? Perhaps, but I like to think of these words by actor Christopher Reeves, someone who spent the last years of his life in a wheel chair, fighting for others who did not have a voice, “I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.


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